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SezAI harnesses cutting-edge AI solutions to revolutionize and streamline your company's workflows. Leveraging advanced machine learning techniques and the power of generative AI, SezAI continuously elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of your business outcomes.

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AI Assistants

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Process Automation

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Discover Creativity

ZekAI uses the latest AI technologies to save time when creating content and improve your work, while inspiring you. It features the world’s best AI models all on one platform. The ready-made modules enable you to get better results day by day using machine learning. ZekAI can help content developers, marketers, designers, and entrepreneurs create high-quality content faster and with greater efficiency. Our AI-powered tools allow you to quickly create tailored content that engages and resonates with your audience.

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Author helps you write anything! Maybe a book, homework, blog post, poem, song lyric, academic article, product description, brand name, effective product ad text, etc.


Designer creates any digital art you want.. Maybe an illustration for your book or a product. Or just give it a image to complete, maybe gives you a design idea.;) Artificial intelligence help you to create visuals unique for you and save your time without design knowledge.

AI Assistants

Equipped with generative artificial intelligence technology, the AI assistants becomes an indispensable digital assistant. It understands the user's questions and generates responses. By offering a natural conversation experience, it becomes an essential tool for users.
Special Modes


Explorer delves into your content for you, learns them, and allows you to save time and energy.
Talk to your documents
Analyze website
Summarize Youtube videos
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Learn the Methods

With Agile Turkey we enable you to take decisive steps towards our digital transformation. Agile Turkey is designed for you to manage your business processes in an agile way with our experienced team in the leading companies of the sector. Our expert team, who is always with you, is ready to offer you the best practices used by globally recognised companies. You will have many templates you need while working with solutions carefully prepared by our team, and you will manage your projects more effectively.

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