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Increase your efficiency.

ZekAI uses the latest AI technologies to save time when creating content and improve your work, while inspiring you. It features the world’s best AI models all on one platform. The ready-made modules enable you to get better results day by day using machine learning. ZekAI can help content developers, marketers, designers, and entrepreneurs create high-quality content faster and with greater efficiency. Our AI-powered tools allow you to quickly create tailored content that engages and resonates with your audience.

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Author helps you write anything! Maybe a book, homework, blog post, poem, song lyric, academic article, product description, brand name, effective product ad text, etc.
Your story, poem, lyrics, article, blog.. anything you want to complete! ZekAI will understand your sentence and complete it!
Summarize an academic article for your kid or you don't have time to ready long sentences, don't worry, ZekAI will summarize for you.
Everyone makes mistakes. Just copy your sentences and paste them into ZekAI. ZekAI will correct your mistakes and show you where they are.
Do you need help coming up with ideas for your brand, product or company? Do you need a name, product description or an attractive advertisement script? You could also use this for your family!
Easily convert text and phrases between multiple languages.


Designer creates any digital art you want.. Maybe an illustration for your book or a product. Or just give it a image to complete, maybe gives you a design idea.;) Artificial intelligence help you to create visuals unique for you and save your time without design knowledge.
Besides writing something, we need to illustrate it visually. Creating content is more powerful when supplemented by visuals. You can create logos, advertisements, prototypes, sketches, or use Designer to get inspiration for design ideas!
You can edit the images you have using just words, add something to the image, or enhance it to make it more visually appealing to customers.


Equipped with generative artificial intelligence technology, the chatbot becomes an indispensable digital assistant. It understands the user's questions and generates responses. By offering a natural conversation experience, it becomes an essential tool for users.
By examining chatbot usage, optimized modes tailored to the most preferred topics can be developed, allowing users to focus solely on the subject and achieve better interactions.


Explorer delves into your content for you, learns them, and allows you to save time and energy.
Train with your documents
You can train and you can own your artificial intelligence using the information and documents you possess, allowing you to ask detailed questions and gain insights about these specific contents.
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Increase your sustainability.

SezAI uses the latest AI technologies to improve your business sustainability. The ready-made modules it contains allow you to get better results day by day using machine learning. It lets you see the impact these have on your customer through exclusive dashboards.

We offer on-premise or SaaS cloud options.

Computer Vision
Create or edit product images or identify objects in images, videos and categorize them.
Speech Recognition
Analyze your products and customer feedbacks
Anomaly Detection
Identify abnormal behavior
Text Analytics
Sentiment analysis
Analyse places to minimize the risks
Create chatbot or contents for your company easily
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