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Curiosity Technology is a new generation company that creates solutions using advanced technologies with unexpected approaches to make a difference while caring about sustainability.

Our company provides sustainable products for a sustainable future and aims to improve world consciousness.

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Our vision is not just to remain a business that produces artificial intelligence solutions but also to be a pioneer in next-generation technological solutions that instill a profound sense of responsibility towards our planet. We dream of a world where every innovation is synonymous with sustainability, where every advancement in technology is a step towards a brighter and more conscious future. Curiosity Technology is eager to inspire, enhance efficiency, ensure a sustainable future, and set a new standard for how businesses should operate in the 21st century.


At Curiosity Technology, our mission is to harness the power of advanced technologies through innovative and unexpected approaches. We are committed to developing products that contribute to sustainability and maximizing efficiency. By intertwining technology and ecological consciousness, we aim to elevate global awareness.

Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

At Curiosity Technology, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace. Our Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is a formal document (publicly available link), and endorsed by our top management. This plan outlines our dedication to promoting gender equality through strategic actions, resource allocation, and regular monitoring. By integrating gender considerations into our policies and practices, we aim to create a balanced and supportive environment for all employees, driving innovation and excellence in everything we do.


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Curiosity Technology's management and development team includes Turkey's first artificial intelligence engineers and academicians who have adopted agile working methods and develop fast and qualified products with team spirit.

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Head Office is located at Yıldız Technical University Technopolis in Istanbul. One of its branches is located in Beyoğlu, Istanbul under the roof of Cube Incubation (Teknopark Istanbul) and the other branch is located in Isparta Göller Bölgesi Teknokent.

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News, press releases and announcements about Curiosity Technology.

Intense Global Interest in Curiosity Technology's SezAI

July 5, 2024

Curiosity Technology founder Can Göymen, providing information about their work at Teknopark Istanbul, stated, "As a next-generation company, we have made it our mission to develop products that contribute to sustainability and maximize efficiency. Our core areas of activity include AI-based products and services, big data analytics, generative AI, and mobile solutions. Curiosity Technology, which we founded in 2022, has managed to gain a significant position in the industry in a short time. Growing organically during its establishment phase, our initiative began to grow steadily and rapidly implement mobile solutions after being accepted into the Teknopark Istanbul Incubation Center. Teknopark Istanbul continues to shed light on our path with R&D support, mentorship services, and B2B meeting opportunities, helping us bring our projects to life. Being part of the Teknopark Istanbul ecosystem has greatly facilitated the implementation of our developments and the promotion of our company to a broader audience."

Curiosity Technology founder Can Göymen also mentioned that they have set up SezAI for many leading companies in Turkey, especially in the defense industry. "Our vertical development continues, and we are undertaking the AI transformation of companies. Our B2B solution, SezAI, attracts those who want to turn advanced AI technologies into opportunities and quickly adapt to these rapidly changing technologies. Our goal is to gain a wider place in the global market and expand our product portfolio. By developing new projects in the fields of artificial intelligence and sustainability, we aim to reinforce our leading position in the industry. Additionally, our product Gloria, which is set to become an indispensable personal assistant for women, is among the projects we are excitedly working to complete," he said.

For the continuation of this news: https://www.teknoparkistanbul.com.tr/haberler/curiosity-technologynin-sezaisine-dunyadan-yogun-ilgi

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Curiosity Technology Attracts International Attention with AI-based Products 'ZekAI' and 'SezAI'

July 5, 2024
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Curiosity Technology, which has been working at Teknopark Istanbul's incubation center Cube Incubation for two years, is attracting international customers' attention with its AI-based technological developments, 'ZekAI' and 'SezAI'.

According to a statement from Teknopark Istanbul, Curiosity Technology offers innovative high-tech solutions for a sustainable and efficient future at Cube Incubation, one of Turkey's and the world's leading incubation centers.

Last year, the company gained recognition from a wide audience with its product ZekAI developed for individual users. In January, based on feedback from the industry, it launched SezAI, which operates in indoor environments and incorporates Curiosity's unique AI models, securing its patent and copyright.

'Curiosity Technology Achieved Significant Successes in a Short Time'

In the statement, Teknopark Istanbul General Manager Fatih Özsoy highlighted that Curiosity Technology, within Teknopark Istanbul, has achieved significant successes in its field in a very short period of two years and continues to develop as a company providing added value to Turkey.

Curiosity Technology Founder Can Göymen also stated that as a new generation company, they are committed to developing products that contribute to sustainability and maximize efficiency. Their core areas of activity include AI-based products and services, big data analytics, generative AI, and mobile solutions.

For the continuation of this news: https://www.aa.com.tr/tr/sirkethaberleri/teknoloji/curiosity-technology-urunleriyle-uluslararasi-arenada-adini-duyuruyor/688727

At the FSMVÜ ALUTEAM Information Day: Experiences of Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence

May 4, 2024

We had a delightful day at the informational event themed 'Digital Transformation and Data Analytics in Industry,' organized by FSMVÜ ALUTEAM, where we shared our experiences and discussed transformations undertaken in the realm of 'Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence' for companies.

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Curiosity Technology at Mobilefest: Shaping the Future of Technology with AI Innovations

April 27, 2024
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As Curiosity Technology, we proudly presented our SezAI, ZekAI, and Gloria products at Mobilefest. It was an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our innovations and connect with a diverse audience passionate about technology. Mobilefest provided us with a dynamic platform to demonstrate how our AI solutions are shaping the future of technology and entrepreneurship.

Curiosity Technology Leaders Share AI Vision at 'Transforming Technology into Entrepreneurship' Event

March 14, 2024

Our founder Can Göymen and our brand manager Betül Göymen attended the “Teknolojiyi Girişimciliğe Dönüştürmek: Dünyayı Değiştir!” event. They held a conversation about artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship at the event.

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Curiosity Technology Founder and Brand Manager Deliver Insightful Speech on AI Future at Detech Event

March 10, 2024
Curiosity News 6

Curiosity Technology founder Can Göymen and our brand manager Betül Göymen attended the Detech event held at Dokuz Eylül University. At the event, they informed the participants by giving a speech about the future of artificial intelligence.

Sabahattin Zaim University "A Small Team, A Big AI Revolution" Speech

Dec. 14, 2023

Curiosity Technology founder Can göymen and our brand manager Betül Göymen attended the Zaim Talks "Artificial Intelligence" event organised by Sabahattin Zaim University . They made an inspiring presentation to the audience with their speeches on the theme of "A Small Team, A Big Artificial Intelligence Revolution".

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Medipol University Digipanel'23 Event

Nov. 30, 2023
Curiosity News 8

Curiosity Technology founder Can Göymen and our brand manager Betül Göymen attended the Digipanel'23 Summit organised by Medipol Üniversitesi. At the event, we made an interactive presentation about the potential future application areas of artificial intelligence technologies and informed the participants.

YTU ARTLAB-SKYLAB Artificial Intelligence Summit

Nov. 13, 2023

As Curiosity Technology team, we attended the 5th ARTLAB Artificial Intelligence Summit organised by YTU SKYLAB We talked about how artificial intelligence will transform our lives and answered questions about ZekAI.

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Işık University Seminar

Nov. 1, 2023
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Can Göymen, founder of Curiosity Technology, was the guest of the seminar organised by Işık University students. In the event, he discussed the future of artificial intelligence and the automation of daily work with artificial intelligence.

Marmara University Dataverse Event

Oct. 25, 2023

We opened a stand with the Curiosity Technology team at the "Dataverse" event organised by the Marmara Management Information Systems Club and introduced our artificial intelligence product ZekAI. We answered questions about artificial intelligence.

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AWS Cloud Day Event

Oct. 3, 2023
Curiosity News 12

As Curiosity Technology, we participated in AWS Cloud Day Turkey event. We dived deep into AWS Cloud Technologies and discovered productive artificial intelligence solutions.

Istanbul Technical University Artificial Intelligence Summit Event.

May 6, 2023

Our founders, Can Göymen and Betül Göymen, took the stage at the Artificial Intelligence Summit organized by the AIClub of Istanbul Technical University. At this significant event, as Curiosity Technology, they introduced their projects to the participants, primarily the ZekAI project. Emphasizing the importance of productive artificial intelligence projects in Turkey, they provided information about the potential application areas of these technologies in the future and discussed the innovations they brought to the field of artificial intelligence.

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Mobilefest 2023 FutureTech Exhibition

Jan. 28, 2023
Curiosity News 14

Curiosity Technology is proud to be a part of the MobileFest2023 FutureTech Exhibition – the premier event for innovative technologies from around the world. From January 26th to 28th, Curiosity Technology shared with visitors the latest developments in AI technology solutions, as well as unveiling a new range of customized applications for businesses and consumers. We also offered insights into our research and development efforts, with a special focus on machine learning and AI solutions presented by experts from Curiosity Technology. Our experts answered questions and discussed our projects and capabilities. At Curiosity Technology, we were excited to be part of the MobileFest2023 FutureTech Exhibition and show the world what we have to offer.